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Percolator LOVE!

By Shelly Allen
It pains me that people under the age of 30 have probably never woken to the smell of coffee percolating to perfection. As a child, I remember well that sweet aroma filling the entire house as I slept in at my grandmother’s for the occasional sleep over. As a kid I never liked the taste of coffee but boy did I love the smell of percolated coffee. Only recently did I discover the divine taste of percolator coffee. Coffee so smooth you could drink it black!

It all started when my $100 Cuisineart that was less than three years old just stopped brewing. I began to think maybe a cheap replacement pot was in order, why spend $100 on a coffeemaker that was just going to peter out after a few years of service. It was then my partner suggested a percolator. According to her bestie,

Percolator LOVE
There’s nothing quite like the smell of percolator coffee in the early morning…


the percolator was the way to go. Personally I was leaning toward the pour over pot and had tried the pour over method a few times, but it was then that nostalgia took hold and sent me through a journey in time.  The percolator won and I tend to think Alicia and I won as well. Now we both get to enjoy that sweet aroma of coffee percolating to perfection every morning. No longer is making coffee a rushed morning job, it has become a ritual, one I look forward to every single morning.  Sorry Starbucks, my percolator makes better coffee than I have ever had in one of your coffee shops.

Let me be perfectly honest here, fine tuning the percolator method has been a series of trial and errors. I did find direction from more than a few youtube videos but you’ll find the definitive coffee brewing video above.  Once I watched this video, the percolator method was a breeze with one caveat, I found this method works best if you pile the coffee grounds close to the stem instead of evenly distributing them. And yes, the Pyrex Flameware Glass Percolator is my percolator of choice. Watching the coffee brew as that sweet aroma fills the air is a relaxing, meditative way to start the day.

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