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Dark Chocolate: The Not-So-Bitter Truth

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

By Joy Bauer, MS, RD | Reviewed by a board-certified physician Verywell FFor years, researchers have investigated the health effects chocolate (of course, when it’s eaten in moderation) and have ultimately reached the following conclusion: dark chocolate has numerous health benefits. I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate (and have even included it as one of my top 10 super foods), so I have compiled a list of its health benefits and of tasty ways to enjoy its deliciousness. Here’s your “Chocolate 101” lesson. The Truth About Antioxidants Dark chocolate is made from cocoa, a powder extracted from cocoa beans …

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The Six Hidden Causes of “Chronic” Illness

Chronic Illness

An estimated 133 million Americans, 40% of the population, suffer from chronic diseases, a number projected to grow to 157 million by 2020. Although these diseases are usually considered “incurable,” many people have found relief from their symptoms through methods pioneered by veteran holistic physician and author of bestselling book “The Emotion Code” Dr. Bradley Nelson, who has trained more than 3,200 healing practitioners worldwide in natural methods to relieve chronic pain and illness, and has testimonials to prove their success. DDr. Nelson practiced for 17 years as a holistic physician in Southern California plus two more years working with …

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In Need of Fertility Treatment?

IVF Treatment

I Can Help. Growing up in California, I had many friends that were members of the LGBT Community. As I went through my medical training and became enamored with the field of fertility, I knew that one of my missions would be to help some of my wonderful friends become parents. As the leader of LGBT reproductive rights in South Florida, I was the first doctor to eliminate unnecessary medical testing requirements for members of the Lesbian Community undergoing fertility treatment. My goal was to make treatment as easy and friendly as possible, and treat all couples the same, regardless …

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Four Ways To Stay Sober Through The Summer Holiday Drinking Season

Staying Sober

Here comes the summer drinking season—June graduations and weddings, Fourth of July, the beach, and barbecues! What could go wrong? Plenty, if you don’t have a plan for getting through the summer sober. In Alcoholics Anonymous, we call the period from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year the “Bermuda Triangle” of sobriety—many alkies come in, but not all make it through. If anything, summer is more dangerous for people in recovery, because there are so many social cues to drink. What’s a recovering alkie or addict to do? Here’s some kitchen-tested advice that gets passed along the Twelve Step meetings …

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The clitoris is the female sex organ that has one purpose and one purpose only…PLEASURE! Yet it’s the most overlooked female body part! DID YOU KNOW 29% of college women are unable to locate the clitoris on an anatomy diagram? (Compared to ONLY 25% of their male counterparts!) 70 – 80% of women reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation alone, so without this pleasure-giving organ, women would be SOL when it comes to orgasms. So without further ado, give me a hand in welcoming these seven interesting facts that you may not have known about the organ that makes women’s eyes roll …

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60 Seconds A Day To 6-Pack Abs

Having a toned, flat stomach is often one of the ultimate goals among people trying to get healthier. Though all sorts of fancy contraptions have been marketed for improving abdominal muscles, they are not necessary. Instead of doing countless sit-ups, you can sculpt the perfect flat stomach with one simple exercise. WHY THIS WORKS The reason that this exercise is so beneficial is because it targets all of the core muscles at the same time. Instead of only activating the surface muscles, which are commonly called the “six pack,” this exercise targets the transverse abdominous, the gluteus maximus, and anterior deltoids. As studies in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise have proven, an …

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The Facial: More than Just “Fluff”

The Facial

Often, we at Skin Care by Angelina, are asked – What does a facial actually do for me? Do I really need a facial? If you guessed “Yes” you guessed right, the answer is YES! Even though you might not see any concern with your skin yet or you are comfortable with your skin, facials are important to strengthen your skin and to support its health. The skin is our largest organ protecting our internal organs against heat, light, injury and infection. We only have one skin which is not easily replaceable so we need to properly take care of …

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Stop Bleeding with Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper stops bleeding

TThe reason it works is because cayenne pepper reacts with the body to equalize the blood pressure, meaning an extra gushing of pressure will not be concentrated in the wound area as it normally is. Blood will quickly clot when the pressure is equalized. Cayenne pepper returns blood pressure to normal so that clotting is easier. It can be used on any cut to stop bleeding and can be applied topically or taken orally. Here is a guideline for oral consumption of cayenne pepper as described by Dr. John Christopher in his book School of Natural Healing: “…take a teaspoonful …

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Robert De Niro Says, “Everyone should see ‘Vaxxed’, there’s something there…”

Robert De Niro Vaxxed

IIn a new interview on Today, Robert De Niro “regrets” pulling the documentary, Vaxxed from his Tribeca Film Festival that opens today. According to De Niro, “I was away filming and didn’t have all the information so I agreed to pulling.” De Niro, who has an autistic son, says about the vaccine/autism link, “There’s something there, there’s something there and we need to question it, we need to find out the truth.” De Niro also told the Today Show hosts that it’s their job to investigate the issue and implies they are not doing their jobs. Watch the interview below …

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Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains

Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains

The connection between mother and child is ever deeper than thought… The link between a mother and child is profound, and new research suggests a physical connection even deeper than anyone thought. The profound psychological and physical bonds shared by the mother and her child begin during gestation when the mother is everything for the developing fetus, supplying warmth and sustenance, while her heartbeat provides a soothing constant rhythm. The physical connection between mother and fetus is provided by the placenta, an organ, built of cells from both the mother and fetus, which serves as a conduit for the exchange …

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