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Watch the Viral Smash “In A Heartbeat” and Meet It’s Creators

In a Heartbeat

A short film about a middle schooler whose heart literally leaps from his chest over a crush on another boy captivated the world last week, racking up more than 10 million views on YouTube in less than 72 hours. It’s been a wild few days for filmmakers Beth David and Esteban Bravo, who brought the idea from pitch to viral sensation over a span of 18 months. Both believe this sudden success stems from the personal significance of the story to each of the out creators’ lives. In a Heartbeat resulted from the collaboration of two Catholic school graduates, one …

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Pride Fort Lauderdale New Venue Is HUGE Success!

Pride Fort Lauderdale regroups and puts together a fantastic event on the beach. Blue skies for miles and a cool ocean breeze, that’s Fort Lauderdale in February. This year Fort Lauderdale Pride was held at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park South and everyone we talked to seemed pretty excited about the change in venue and philosophy. Fort Lauderdale Pride has always been a “pay to play” event where attendees paid $10 to come in and celebrate with their fellow cohorts. Some have maintained that Pride is a celebration of who we are and celebrating should be a free experience. Well, those …

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Gun World is A Comfortable World for Women

Gun World

Being a woman in a man’s world has never been easy, especially when it comes to gun ownership. When I was buying my first gun, I did all my research online because I was too intimidated to go into a gun shop or attend a gun show to get more information. Is it surprising to do online research? No, not in this day and age but the reason in this case is all too common. A typical gun shop is generally a very male dominated space and let’s face it, ladies, men very rarely understand the emotional viewpoint of a …

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Staycay the Florida Way

Blue Springs State Park

It’s summer time in South Florida and there’s no better time to see the sights. Here’s a few ideas for the annual staycay.  Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Cape Florida State Park is currently ranked 10th Best Beach in Dr. Beach’s annual “Top Ten Beaches in America”. Home of a historic lighthouse built in 1825 and reconstructed in 1846, it is the oldest standing structure in Miami-Dade County. For more information visit: www.floridastateparks.org/capeflorida/     Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce The beaches of Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce are proud to be one of the only places within the …

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The clitoris is the female sex organ that has one purpose and one purpose only…PLEASURE! Yet it’s the most overlooked female body part! DID YOU KNOW 29% of college women are unable to locate the clitoris on an anatomy diagram? (Compared to ONLY 25% of their male counterparts!) 70 – 80% of women reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation alone, so without this pleasure-giving organ, women would be SOL when it comes to orgasms. So without further ado, give me a hand in welcoming these seven interesting facts that you may not have known about the organ that makes women’s eyes roll …

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gir(L) App Launches, Puts Women’s Community in Touch

gir(L) App

A new app designed for the lesbian and bi-sexual community has officially launched, looks to connect women.  TThe new app, gir(L), hails from the publisher’s of gir(L) Magazine, Shelly Allen and Jackie Branca, and was designed to give women a medium with which to communicate and connect. According to Shelly Allen, “Since New Moon (the local lesbian bar) closed the one question we hear the most at every event we attend is, ‘Where do all the women go?’ I think the most simple answer is, everywhere. I’m just not sure there is one spot specifically for women any more. The world is changing and we can pretty much go anywhere and feel comfortable. Having said that, there is still …

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Sarah Gadon (L) and Malin Buska (R) in THE GIRL KING - Photo courtesy of Wolfe Video

The story of one of the world’s most famous and controversial women… An international production written by award-winning Canadian writer Michel Marc Bouchard (Tom at the Farm, Lilies) and directed by Finnish auteur Mika Kaurasmaki (Mama Africa, Road North), THE GIRL KING tells the story of one of the most iconic queens in history, Queen Christina of Sweden. Crowned Queen in 1632 at the age of six and raised as a prince, Queen Christina was a brilliant yet enigmatic young leader who fought conservative forces to revolutionize Sweden while falling in love with her lady-in-waiting and exploring her awakening sexuality. …

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All About E from Wolfe Video

Mandahla Rose and Julia Billington in ALL ABOUT E

Written and Directed by Louise Wadley A beautiful DJ in Sydney is forced to run when she stumbles on a bag of cash. Can she keep the money, conquer her demons, and get the girl? Starring the stunning Australian actress Mandahla Rose as E A glamorous DJ at one of the hottest clubs in Sydney, where the perks of the job include her pick of beautiful women. But in reality, she’s so deeply closeted to her Lebanese parents that she’s broken up with the love of her life, Trish (Julia Billington). When E and her best mate Matt (Brett Rogers) find …

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Tariffs, not slavery, precipitated the American Civil War

Battle of Gettysburg

Arthur Hirsch’s recent article about the Battle of Gettysburg reveals a disturbing ignorance of the political dynamics that brought this nation to a war that 150 years later remains the most cataclysmic event in our history (“A defining day relived,” July 2). It accepts the shallow but unchallenged premise that the Civil War occurred because slavery was practiced in the South, and that righteous resolve to abolish the institution left the U.S. with no option other than a resort to arms. This is a myopic view with which many historical facts simply cannot be reconciled. The war resulted from causes …

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Gwen Stefani, Why She is the Most Relevant Female Performer of Our Time

By Shelly Allen Mmany are familiar with Gwen Stefani’s story, but few realize the impact of her personal yet very public journey and its influence on women both young and old. Her Just a Girl lyrics and performance became the anthem of women across the globe. The personal power she attained and has maintained has kept her relevant well into her 40’s. Gwen Stefani was born in Fullerton, California on October 3, 1969. At age 17, Gwen joined her brother’s band, No Doubt as their second vocalist.  It was then she met bassist and future boyfriend, Tony Kanal. Stefani put her full faith …

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