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Top Three Hot Weather Tips for Pet Owners

Keeping Pets Summer Safe

Warm weather means more active time outside of the home for many pets. Here are some essential tips from Dr. Kamiya to help keep your pets—and those in your community—safe this summer. 1.Keep Track of Your Pet: More time outdoors may mean more opportunity for a pet to wander too far. Make sure your contact info is current and clearly visible on your pet’s tags and be sure to follow appropriate registration requirements for your city or county. You may also want to have your pet microchipped if they aren’t already. This allows vets, shelters and animal services to scan for your information if your pet is found as a stray.   2. Spay and Neuter: Contribute to your pet’s health and longevity while preventing overcrowding in your local shelters due to unwanted offspring. You may think you’ve got the situation under control when it comes to your intact pet interacting with other animals, but what happens if he or she inadvertently gets out? Save the lives of any future unwanted animals and keep your pet healthy and happy by making sure to spay or neuter this spring.   3. Avoid Outdoor Pests: Your vet has likely encouraged you to keep …

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Pets love cold water! Proper hydration is a critical component of your pet’s health, especially during warm weather or periods of high activity. Providing fresh, cold water is a great way to encourage your pet to drink. Features & Benefits: • Double walled stainless steel freezer bowl • Put it in the freezer & upon removal the gel core will keep your pets water cold for hours. • This means your pet can enjoy fresh, cool water inside or out without ice cubes that can melt in just minutes • Colder water is actually healthier for your pets, because it encourages proper hydration • Holds 28 ounces of water

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Under proposed law, people could break into hot cars to save pets, chil­dren, elderly

Dog in Over Dog in Car

TALLAHASSEE — Every year in the United States, an average of 37 children die of heat stroke after being left in a car. The Sunshine State is second only to Texas in the number of such deaths since 1998, but legislation proposed by House Republican Leader Dana Young of Tampa seeks to curb that grim statistic. The bill (HB 131) that Young intends to push in the January legislative session would allow a passer-by to break into a vehicle to rescue children, pets, the elderly and disabled adults who have been left alone and may be in danger. It would provide immunity from being sued, but the passer-by would have to call 911 before taking any action. In the past five years, 15 children in Florida have died in a hot car, according to data from the state Department of Children and Families. Such tragedies have killed children as young as 11 months old this year alone. “These are tragic incidents and they affect everyone,” said Murray Smith, public information officer for the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, which responded to one of three child deaths this year in Florida, a highly publicized case in Lake City that involved a public …

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Are You Really Rescuing A Pet From A Rescue?

Pet Rescue

By Bill Piechocki Let’s detail each party’s role in the process of rescuing pets. In my experience of approximately 50 years in the animal health and pet industry, I’ve dealt with hundreds of public and private animal rescues, adoption groups, animal control agencies, breeders, veterinary professionals and pet stores. My personal experience has enabled me to advise you on the good, the bad and the ugly. There are superstars as well as the unethical that are only about the money. First, let’s detail each party’s role in the process of rescuing pets. If we understand this, we will know how to proceed. Let’s define their function in the overall rescue process. Animal Control, a government, law enforcement organization mandated to enforce laws primarily focused on public health. If their function is public health, why are they overstepping their bounds by dictating the quantity of pets allowed in each household? Why are they looking at homes that have no bearing on public health? If it’s under the guise of animal welfare, is their training in animal welfare or law enforcement? Are they experts in health or medicine? Their job should be to prevent and investigate problems that threaten the public and focus on true animal neglect or abuse. …

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Hot Weather Tips For Dogs

Hot Weather

“Heatstroke is one of the most common problems affecting pets and it can range from minimal risk to fatality.” As the hot weather months draw near, it is important to review common issues your dog can face in the hot temperatures and how best to deal with them. — HEATSTROKE Heatstroke is one of the most common problems affecting pets and it can range from minimal risk to fatality. As a dog owner, it’s essential to remember the danger of leaving your dog inside the car. A car in the sun or in warm temperatures can quickly rise to 120 degrees F (49 C)in just moments. This can lead to heatstroke very easily. Symptoms of heatstroke include the following: Serious panting Inability to calm down Bright red gums Quickened pulse If you suspect your dog has heatstroke, take his/her temperature immediately. If the temperature is over 105 degrees F (40 C) take action by cooling the animal down by running room temperature (not cold) water over the legs and body. You can also apply a cold pack, a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a thin hand towel for instance, to your dog’s head to help lower his body temperature. Offer your dog cool …

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Health Care For Pets

Health Care for Pets

By Bill Piechocki This is the question I pose to you…Do you want a treatment that will temporarily stop your pet from itching, biting, aggression, diarrhea, tear staining, diabetes, or more or do you want to cure them of the conditions that cause these afflictions? Have you ever asked your veterinarian about the drugs and treatments that they prescribe and their functionality? No pet owner wants to see their pet suffer with chronic bloody diarrhea, however isn’t straining with huge, hard, unnatural stools equally uncomfortable? Is the anxiety, restlessness and inability to focus better than the itching? Is the so-called pain and discomfort of exercise any worse than watching what we eat? You see, all of the things I just mentioned are symptoms of both health challenges and also side effects of problems and common treatment plans which are part of what we call modern medicine. Most treatments are not designed to cure anything and only mask the problem, lulling you into a false sense that you are doing something to help your pet. The truth is that we are encountering visible, measurable symptoms with challenges we cannot easily see. When your pet gets a vaccine for distemper and does …

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