Monday , July 23 2018
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Rio’s Pet Spa

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Miami, FL, United States
1170 Southeast 12th Terrace Miami Florida 33131 US

Rio’s Pet Spa & Boarding pet shop & grooming is located at North Miami Beach near 6th Ave and 127th Street next to CVS, Rio’s Pet Boarding & Spa store is North Miami Beach’s premiere pet care spa and store. Rio’s Pet Spa and store has a sensitive, even “picky” clientele in North Miami Beach that is well-served by an experienced and enthusiastic staff.

Is your Groomer, Boarder, or Pet Sitter spending enough time with your dog or cat? Too many times we have heard stories about the trust pet owners place in these individuals only to find they keep the pet locked in a cage or small kennel run all day. Similarly, all too often groomers “speed-groom” pet-after-pet, not giving them the care and attention they need and deserve. Call now Rio’s Pet Spa & Boarding in North Miami Beach.

If you ever wonder if similar events are happening to you and your pet, we encourage you to remove your doubts and bring your pet to Rio’s Pet Spa and pet shop store in North Miami Beach. You can genuinely think of us as the people who sincerely care about your best friend. We invite you and your pets to take a tour of our facility in North Miami Beach and learn more about our family operation and about the many ways we can benefit your pets’ personality and appearance.