Friday , July 13 2018
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Pride Fort Lauderdale New Venue Is HUGE Success!

Pride Fort Lauderdale regroups and puts together a fantastic event on the beach.

Blue skies for miles and a cool ocean breeze, that’s Fort Lauderdale in February. This year Fort Lauderdale Pride was held at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park South and everyone we talked to seemed pretty excited about the change in venue and philosophy. Fort Lauderdale Pride has always been a “pay to play” event where attendees paid $10 to come in and celebrate with their fellow cohorts. Some have maintained that Pride is a celebration of who we are and celebrating should be a free experience. Well, those people got what they wanted this year! Not only was Pride Fort Lauderdale a free event but it was held in one of the hottest spring destinations on earth. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and though parking was a challenge, shuttle services were provided and like my mother always said, “Walking isn’t crowded.”  If you missed this year’s event, look forward to next year because if Pride Fort Lauderdale continues on this path, it will be THE event of the year.

Find pictures of the event, click here!


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