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Yellow Cab of Broward; A Company You Can Trust

“We are not your grandparents ride anymore”

SSince its inception, Yellow Cab of Broward has always been an innovator in the taxi cab industry. We began by having the first wheelchair accessible vehicle in 1967, and continued by having the first computer aided dispatch in 1986. We were the first to use GPS technology to send the closest car to pick up passengers in 2002. Additionally, Yellow Cab was the first in the state to install cameras in our vehicles, and in August 2017 launched the “No More Meters/Guaranteed pricing initiative. “We have always been on the cutting edge of the taxi industry,” said John Camillo, Yellow Cab of Broward’s president and CEO. And now we’re the first to use smart tablet technology to provide passengers with their fare in advance.” Yellow Cab’s goal is to accommodate and serve our customers by offering a guaranteed rate, because we knew it would resonate with the public. We wanted to eliminate the level of unknown and anxiety, by providing guaranteed pricing. Fares are calculated based on google maps using the most direct route to one’s destination and are consistent as they are mandated by the Department of Weights and Measures. There is no surge pricing at Yellow Cab of Broward like Uber and Lyft, regardless of business volume. Through innovative technology, booking a cab is very simple via our mobile app “Ride Yellow”, online fare calculator, street hail option, or our 24/7 call center.

“Who are you riding with?”

Safety is one of Yellow Cab’s priorities when considering our passengers, especially women. Security is a major factor that many people think about when getting into a vehicle with a person they do not know, in hopes that their driver will take them to their destination safely. Women value their safety the most, in a world where their vulnerability has been heightened due to recent sexual harassment allegations and incidents of sexual assault amongst many other methods of transportation and ridesharing companies. We want to ensure that every single passenger feels safe when riding in one of our cars. Therefore, all our drivers are required to go through a background check and fingerprint screening from the FBI; something that is not required from other methods of ground transportation, we have marked identifiable vehicles, cameras in all our vehicles, and have a 24/hour call center in the event that you leave any personal belongings in one of our cars; all making us the safer option.

“Ride Safe. Ride Convenient. Ride Yellow.”

Yellow Cab of Broward is a company you can trust. Our company is local, has been operating for 57 years, and are all about how to best serve our community. Our mission is to provide every passenger with the best quality of service and utmost level of safety and security. We welcome you to try us out and we will ensure that women, and all passengers of every kind feel safe when riding with us.

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